Transitions and Executive Functioning

What is Transition and how can it effect your childs executive function abilities ? Why can it trip up first-year students, is it the independence, is it the atmosphere in which learning and studying takes place or the academic work load itself. The answer is all of the above, college affords young adults a level of autonomy they’ve never experienced before. And if they’re attending a college away from home, they don’t have parents or guardians standing on patrol outside their doormroom to order them back inside to study for tomorrow’s midterm exam or take their medications. Most students have the self-discipline to make the adjustment without too much difficulty, but others get swept up in the social whirl of college life especially those who suffer from a Learning Difference or a lack of Executive Functioning skills .  May it be ADHD, a student on the Autism Spectrum and or so many other challenges going on, students face a multitude of distractions that hinder the transition process.  If you and or your child are experience difficutlites around that transition from High School to College/Life contact us for a custom plan for you and your family.