Expertise & Results

Scott has over 15 years of professional experience in life education and career consulting.
In addition to helping numerous families and individuals, Scott serves on several non-profit committees and educational boards.

Finding Your Cultural Fit

You may be looking for Colleges or Universities that are open to you as a LGBTQIA individual, you may be looking for Colleges or Universities that offer strong academic supports for those students and families with Learning Differences. Either way the Campus and Surrounding Culture you pick become your home for at least 4 years and play a big part in any students College success and emotional growth. Make sure to look beyond the campus and check out the surrounding area as well.


Scott S. Garbini, M.Ed. deals with each client as an individual, recognizing that there is no “one size fits all” solution and helps his clients find those triumphs. With more than a decade of hands-on experience in the field of higher education, Scott has the expertise and resources available to help you, or your child, find just the right fit for that first step towards a positive and productive future. His experience includes; college admissions counseling, transition planning, and post-graduate options as well as college to career and or life transition and coaching.

In his past role as Assistant Director of Admissions for a private New England college, Scott was able to develop strong connections with institutions of higher learning across the United States. In addition, having worked and fostered relationships with countless Independent Consultants, Physicians, Clinicians, Guidance Counselors, and Researchers, Scott has built a reputation as someone who is both proactive and results-oriented, while being sensitive to the needs of his individual clients. He is frequently sought out for his exceptional knowledge in such under-represented areas of need.

Having numerous learning challenges himself including ADHD and Dyscalculia, Scott learned to overcome obstacles both externally and internally. Despite being discouraged from even attempting to seek a higher degree, he ignored the naysayers, earning a Bachelor’s of Science and then a Masters of Education from Johnson & Wales University. His unique life experience, combined with his passion for individual success, makes him the right person to help you.